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Journal 2008

13-09-2008 Our kitties got a present from Sara and Thomas - a toy with real ostrich feathers! This is their most popular toy right now.

Obs! Please have in mind that farming of ostriches for their feathers only does not cause them any harm.

Cats are predators by nature, and we promise to feed our cats regularly with food they like, since we do not wish to feel responsible for possible extinction of ostriches. We are afraid though, that our kitties would hunt just for fun, not because they need to eat.

Still, something tells us that a weight ratio of about 40:1 will leave the ostrich species unharmed, at least - by Jossan.

21-08-2008 Scared Jossan

21-03-2008 Yesterday was Josephine's first day at her new home! Leroy went all crazy since Monica entered the apartment with a small kitten in the cage that yelled and yelled.

It was HIS kitten! A present from Monica! And Josephine started purring immediately after she was let out of the cage and licked all over by her dad. Cats do not understand family relations, but this really was as if they recognized each other, as if they understood that there was some kind of connection between them.

Poor Maven got scared, since the kitten hissed really nastily at her, and she escaped from the room. She was curious about the little one and tried to come near her again during the day, but the kitten was very loud and hissed at Maven. It was the same with her father and Maven when he came to us a year ago, but they became good friends soon after. Maybe it is because Maven is dark in color and has different features than a Siamese. We do not know.

It is a joy to see how Leroy interacts with the little one. He simply adores her. They talk the same language, he follows her and talks to her all the time, and she talks back to him! Just to get Maven and Josephine to start socializing with each other...

19-03-2008 Leroy got just four babies with Hannah, and then we castrated him. Two of the other cats he met lost their babies, and one did not get pregnant at all, or lost them so early, that nothing could be noticed. We were very, very sad when that happened. All three cats were healthy and no direct cause for what happened was established. We hope that they get healthy babies some time in future.

Of those 4 kittens Leroy and Hannah got, we are getting one lilac girl, Josephine! Leroy needs a Siamese company, we thought, and they are so adorable, that it was hard to resist them. Josephine is coming tomorrow. We hope that Maven and Leroy will accept her nicely, maybe not directly from start, but soon after they meet.

Here are some pictures from today, 19/03, that Monica took.

14-03-2008 Leroy's and Hannah's babies, 8 weeks old. Monica took pictures on 14/02.

03-02-2008 Two weeks ago, after several nights of Leroy's, mostly continuous yelling, Joakim noticed that Leroy sniffed a small puddle of something on the floor. What could it be? Iiiiiiiii, he started to spray! We washed the speaker and the floor where he sprayed thoroughly with a cleaner for urine, but the day after there was a new puddle. And yes, he yelled and yelled.

We considered to give him a hormon-shot instead of castrating him. But after some reading on the internet we deemed the risk of unwanted side effects to be too high for a cat we bought for company, not for breeding. He already got a litter of kittens with Hannah, and it seemed more were on the way, so we decided to castrate him. He was not happy from all the yelling either, he was pretty nervous, and Maven did not like him that much anymore.

The procedure went smoothly and while Leroy was in pain and couldn't sit properly the first day or two everything was good after that. He stopped yelling loudly instantly and he is not so nervous anymore. He hasn't made any more puddles.

17-01-2008 Jelena was painting. On the floor. In the middle of the living room. All of her paints, brushes and the whole mess were lying there, exactly where Maven wanted to take a slow, lazy "Look who owns the room" walk after her afternoon nap.

Left paw, right paw. Left paw, right paw. Left paw landing straight into the pot of dark blue acrylic paint... what made Jelena SCREEEEAM!

Maven got scared, switched immediately from her lazy slow mode and ran away like crazy, leaving quite a few equidistant dark blue paw prints on the floor and shelves, before Joakim caught her and took her to the washing session, badly needed but not too appreciated.

Luckily, all the traces are now removed from the floor and furniture that played a central piece in yesterday's episode from the life of a struggling painter. Maven, that is.