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African violets - intro

African violets, or Saint Paulia were discovered by baron St Paul Illaire in the 1800s in the mountains of South Africa and Tanzania. Despite their origins, African violets do not like direct sun nor do they like excessive heat, they are the happiest placed in east or north-facing window.

They come in blues, pinks, purples, whites, and somewhat rare yellow color, in different patterns such as:

  • the fantasy pattern (dotted petals)
  • a bicolor flower
  • an edged pattern flower that has a different colored trim
  • the pinwheel pattern with streaks of color running through the petals.

The blooms of African violets come in several different shapes:

  • a single layer bloom is the standard five petal, one layer flower
  • a double bloom has more than one layer of petals
  • the frilled variety with lacy looking edges
  • the wasp type with a single bloom with smaller curled back petals.