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Assignment #2

The girls went to Norrtälje. Jelena got 100SEK and an assignment to find a pair of red handcuffs, covered in feathers, named something nasty like "Blahblah kinky fashionable toy", that costed 124SEK and buy them. Jelena was not allowed to use her own money and simply add 24SEK to the money she got. She was supposed to beg or haggle or do something similar in order to get the handcuffs.

The handcuffs were somewhere in some store in the center of Norrtälje. The pink helmet and tiara remained on Jelena's head and the whole girl group followed her wherever she went.

After some serious research and chit chat with local people Jelena found the dreadful handcuffs in the store that was selling a little bit of everything.

Jelena had no intention what so ever to haggle. She may not be the fastest driver of Go cart out there, but it is okay. Jocke is marrying her for her brains anyway. She was determined to get the money, quick and clean.

None said it was forbidden to buy other things with the money. Jelena who never bought a lottery ticket, thought it was about time to test her luck, so she bought a few of 5 SEK scratch tickets hoping to win some money, since technically she could use those to buy the terrible cuffs.

Scratch scratch scratch...

She won 20SEK and Elin offered to buy off one of a non-winning tickets she was scratching for 5SEK. Jelena now had 125SEK that she proudly exchanged for the cuffs!

Hmmm, Jelena hoped to find some use for the lovely cuffs. Beside her being allergic to feathers, the cuffs were not really her and Jocke's cup of tea. But, a few birthdays are coming, and some people may appreciate feathers more than others... especially those who came up with the idea in the first place. ;)