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Skebo herrgård

The wedding ceremony and the following party were held on 07-07-07 at Skebo herrgård, 85km from Stockholm.

The mansion was built in the eighteenth century. It is a very romantic place with magnetic charm. The nature and a skilled architect's creation coexist in perfect harmony of lines and colors.

The nature there is gorgeous, the grass and garden are tended by a very talented and dedicated gardener. The mansion is situated near the Närdingen lake, on the bank of a stream.

We feel that our hosts were extremely professional, welcoming and trustworthy. It felt like we clicked from the first contact we had. They were very helpful with planning of our wedding.

The mansion is famous for its nature friendly profile. There they use only ecological ingredients from the local suppliers or from their own farms.

The enterior of the main building that we had only for us during the wedding is cute, romantic, special. We are so happy to have gotten to have our wedding there, by pure coincidence. All the things that happened, one after another, led us there. Some would say that the place chose us. Anyway, it felt and was right.

The pictures we present here are used with the permission from our hosts. More pictures can be found here.

An article with even more information about Skebo herrgård can be found here.

Why change?

The original location where the wedding was supposed to take place has been sold. After series of dialogs with unfortunate outcomes, we lost our trust in the new owners' good will and ability to arrange our wedding as we wanted it.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused You.

For more details about what happened you can check out Jelena's contribution (under pseudonym Maven) on Brollopstorgets forum.