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Jelena and Joakim got married at Skebo herrgård, 85km from Stockholm, on 07-07-07.

Best man and toastmaster

Jonas Hagmar


Christin Friberg and Sofia Friberg

Flower girls

Thea, Groa and Edda Nöteberg

Rolf Nöteberg performed the ceremony


All the pictures, if not stated otherwise in their name, are taken by our fantastic photographer Ryan Garrison.

Some of the photos were taken by Staffan Nöteberg, Miroslav Vencl and Tomas Fransson.

Wille Crafoord, a troubadour, a talented musician and showman, the wizard of words, performed during the event.

The cake was made by amazing Vetekatten's chefs.

Bride's dress (La Sposa) and groom's frock coat (Cavaliere) were purchased at Bridezilla&Co boutique, with help of kind and very professional sales assistants.

The hair of the bride, bride's mother and bridesmaids was styled by Karam, the best hairdresser the bride has ever met (and she met quite a few). "Phyllis/Eleganz", Fleminggatan 75, Stockholm, Tel 08-6534060

Makeup of the bride, bride's mother and bridesmaids was done by talented and creative makeup artist Aida Rajai.